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like several other of those film companies the same man
also paid me a nice compliment For a time I had been
finding some fairly important guards which had to do with
him Changes were being made + he appently got a bit
browned off with being pushed about + told the Army H.Q.
people here that if Massey wsa running it that was alright
otherwise he would want to know a lot more about it
So I said thank you very much
The following night I went to the cinema with Moscaritz +
his wife who wsa up for the week end The film was
Remember with Robert Taylor + Greer Garson It was very
amusing indeed + lovely You remember I saw her for
the first time in "Pride + Prejudice" in Capetown
+ was very much impressed She seems so intelligent +
has so much poise in both of which she is like you
my darling- though you are not at all alike to look
at I think I must bring this rather disjointed letter
to an end now + send it away to you in the morning
I do pray that I hear from you about the baby in a day or
two + then I really will be able to write to you
Everything will be alright but I am even so terribly
anxious + nervous You have had so much to bear in
the last 1 1/2 years + you must not be asked to bear
any more You sweet darling why should you of
all people have to And I love you so very much
+ nothing must go wrong to hurt you or to hurt
the baby You are everything + nobody which would
or could make me stay alive if anything were
to happen to you Bless you sweetest for all you
have done for me For making me so happy Harry xxxx

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