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subject to put over in a letter to perfect strangers.

I can hardly expect to hear anything for about three weeks
from now & so I must contain myself until then.
Your No. 65 came today - your last one being No. 60 which
came on Nov 10th & so Nos 61-4 are missing. It does
make me furious, the same as you. Yours was a very
unhappy & rather desperate letter, my sweetheart & of
course it is exactly these reasons which make me
so overwhelmingly anxious to come home as quickly
as possible & comfort you & make you happy again.
Oh what a thrill, if I am so fortunate. To pack up
& go down to Egypt & get on a boat & every hour to
be coming nearer & nearer to you. And insted of writing
more letter every day & getting more & more miserable
further away from you - to spend my time thinking
about you & looking forward to all the happiness & joy
of seeing you again & of seeing Maxie; & the rest
of my time, just read & read. Time has been
passing pretty quickly - I hope it will go on
doing so for the next three weeks.

It breaks my heart to be away from Maxie, too,
& not to know him at all as he grows up from
being a baby. He sounds so lovely & interesting &
your descriptions are awfully good & interesting - but
even so, I often find it difficult to realise that
we do possess a baby again & that he is all ours
& strong & well & lovely & growing up all the
time. LIsa was so sweet & interesting at
6 & 8 & 10 months old - I can hardly bear
to think of missing him for very much longer.

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