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see, it is pretty hopeless. You talk about me proving
myself - & it seems to me I have done all I can in
this direction. In the past place, as I have told you, I
got a good name for myself. And I have always made
a point of keeping touch with Col Leicester & letting
him know my ideas & I write him long letters &
reports from time to time. And even by getting
rid of two second i/cs & Court Martialling one
subaltern. I have shown him that I am for
good standards & have my own ideas & enough guts
to put them into practice. And now, under his
command, I have tried to keep up the tradition.
I sometimes wonder if all my "ideas & action"
go down well with the Regular Army mind &
mentality - & if perhaps I am not looked upon
as being too progressive & downright. But to sit
back would certainly get me nowhere - & to
behave as I do, perhaps might. But I do not
think that there is anything more that I can do about
it - except to go on keeping myself in the limelight.
If I came home, I go down to Captain the day I
leave my appointment as O.C. in this Unit. And I
wonder what they will do with me when I arrive
home. But I must go to bed now - it is
midnight. XXX darling XXX.

Wednesday - Nov. 26th. Tonight, funnily enough I am going to
see Alice Delysia in "London Varieties of 1941". This is an
Eusa show which arrived out here quite a short time ago

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