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and they are on in the station tonight. It should be rather

I had a big thrill & disappointment this morning. An official
letter came for me; addressed to Major J.H. Massey
The Cheshire Regt, attd 6 Pal. Coy, The Buffs -
my heart jumped; inside this envelope was another
envelope, addressed in the same way & marked 'Secret
& Personal & Very Urgent'. Then I felt certain that
it was about my posting home. And when I opened it,
it was just asking for a special report on a N.C.O.
of mine, I'm afraid I am going to have [?] a
number of these thrills & disappointments during the
next week or two.

I am President of two Courts Martial tomorrow -
I had been hoping that they had forgotten about
me in this Area, having been here 10 weeks &
free of them. On the other hand it may be an
opportunity for more limelight. They are both on
bloody Arab soldiers - one for desertion - & the other
for committing a civil offence, assault (not
indecent, I am thankful to say - I can imagine
few things more revolting than having to sit &
listen to & probe into, an Arab's dirty sex life.)

I had a letter from Edwin Samuel the other day,
in reply to mine - his was v. kind & polite &
hoped that I would come & have a meal with
them & talk about, of course, if there was anything
he & his wife could do to help, they would gladly

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