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Letter No 69 Tuesday Aug. 26th Major J.H. Massey
5th Palestinian Coy The Buffs
My dear darling Barbara
I have just finished manicuring my finger nails
+ I was looking at your sweet photographs while I was doing
them - + wondering why I took the trouble to file + poke
away for half an hour + why I didnt just cut them off with
a pair of scissors + stop them getting too long in that way.
It is quite obviously for you that I do it darling. But I do
wish that we could see a little bit ahead & have some idea
as to when we are going to be allowed to meet again. In
spite of the utter boredom & hopelessness of life, time does
seem to pass quickly by - the week-ends come & go with
almost incredible regularity & rapidity- & in only six
weeks time, we shall have been away from each other a whole
year. This slippery passage of time would be a blessed thing
if we had a date for which we were aiming - but without
that, it is just sheer wastage of our lives together. Time
which can never be made up & which can never be
given back to us. My faith in the law of compensation
must sustain me. I hope, you too. In the meantime,
a very small straw appeared lasr week - to clasp at. Early
in October, we have to make a return together with all
other units, of everybody's civilian employment. And accuracy
& care were stressed, because "the return will be used
for demobilisation"! It means little enough, of course & at the
same time we hear of preparations being made to continue
the war into 1943 & onwards. But it is comforting in
a way - perhaps shows that plans are being made for
an early finish of the war, as well as for several more
years of it.
This march into Iran of the Russians & ourselves, was
announced yesterday, & is encouraging news. That is

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