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now Iraq, Syria & Iran, & all in four months - Russia
on our side & doing well - & the Americans in Iceland.
You must admit it is all very interesting: encouraging
too. And it indicates Churchill's ideas of not indulging
in wholesale slaughter against strong lines of defence &
probably gaining nothing - but biting off the easy bits
& steadily improving our position. And in the meantime,
the Navy & R.A.F. continue to blockade & bomb. And
all the oversea countries begin to see more clearly
into the future & do their part to harass & [harry?] the
Nazis. How long can they stick it? I feel certain
that the answer to that question is more important
than - when are we going to invade France &
Germany. I also have the feeling that the U.S.A. will
not declare war unless it is absolutely necessary.
American public opinion is so strong; & if she suffers
large casualties in Europe or the M.D. she is going
to have that revulsion of feeling, which she had after
the last war, & isolate herself again from all affairs
except her own. And that would be as much a
tragedy again, as if was before. & her Navy is working
for us now - probably more than we know or realise.
Her army is only wanted if & when we use ours
in a great invasion. And I doubt very much if we
shall do that - except to walk over & occupy a Europe
& Germany in particular, which has more or less given
up - & in which public opinion & the public voice
is at last more powerful than Hitler's tyranny.

I must admit that I am very much under

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