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the influence of Churchill's book, at the moment. But
I doubt if he has changed his views so very much, &
I'm quite certain that he deviates & controls our
policies & methods.

In addition to America, how are Australia, New Zealnad,
South Africa, Canada & India going to feel after the war,
if they have all suffered enormous loss of life & limb.
Patriotism & invigorism may keep them going during
the war - but there will be bitterness afterwards
when all is said & done. Ramsay MacDonald, Baldwin
& Chamberlain were our exclusive products & our
votes put them in power.

And where are we if we lose a million of our best men,
probably more. An embittered nation will assist in imposing
another Versailles - & a weak minded nation, without those
million or more men, will then allow Germany to rise
again, & next time, perhaps make no mistake.
No - I have deep & boundless faith in Churchill & also
the people with whom he has surrounded himself. I
think he knows how to win this war, & I think
he is looking a very long way ahead. So that we, if
we have to be apart longer & wait longer for it, will have
a better country & better world in which to live - & so
will Max & any sisters or brothers he may have.

But the waiting is terribly difficult & painful, isn't it
darling. Every time I think about you & look at your
photographs, I almost cry out with sadness & pain. There is
nothing else I want in all the world - & you are far away
& I just cannot have you. It is cruel.

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