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Yesterday - Monday - let me know - there was no letter from
you - nor today either. I came skipping back from my
Court Martial yesterday at lunch time much earlier
than I expected, full of hope & almost certainty. And
my table was bare. I suppose I should not look forward,
but I always do expect I always will. Two of the
cases yesterday were put off - one accused was in hospital
& he was a witness in the other one. So I was just
left with one other and a funny one, which would have
been a curtain raiser & provided some relief for the
other two which were for theft. This was a solider who
"whilst on active service" - had committed "conduct to
the predjudice of good order & military discipline" - in
that he -- 'at --? on July 1, created a
disturbance at 2330 hrs by shouting. In this chap's unit
there are three officers, Capt Connolly, Lieut Cook &
Major Noon: & at 2330 hrs - raucous tones were heard
floating up through the night & shouting "Fuck
Connolly" " - "Cookie can man the fucking guns" -
"Noon can man the fucking moon". It wasn't
altogether easy to keep a straight face during this part
of the evidence. However, there was considerable argument
about the time, & nobody actually saw the accused shouting,
but only recognised his voice - so we found him "not
guilty". He is probably a lucky chap but it seemed to
me that he should have the benefit of the doubt.
It also seemed to me that with a bit of tact &

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