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common sense, there would have been no Court Martial
at all.

Wednesday Aug. 24th. I did not finish after all yesterday - today
came your 50th letter & in the afternoon for a change - & so
your nos. 48 & 49 are missing & will come later. Isn't it
annoying? I always have the feeling, when I am hurrying
up to find a letter, that my haste is quite powerless &
it doesn't really matter whether I post it this week or
next. The only thing that matters is that I should write
enough. But then there must be regularity at one end in
order to avoid redoubling the irregularity at the other end. And
so I push on - & think that perhaps I might miss a boat or
a plane. I also had a letter from Judy, posted on the
same date, July 18th. She said it was a relief to her to know
that Max was safely born & you alright - & so she knew how I
must have felt. Judy is really very sweet, fond of you & me.
Her news wasn't too interesting & was written in that appalling
hand of hers, even the address. The war does not seem to be
having much effect on them. Parsh & Eilleen are now in N.
Ireland, & very happy. Judy says! My God, & I should
think so too - the lucky devils. Why ever did I go on the
reserve in 1939.

Your letter enclosed the photograph of Lisa's gravestone. It
is beautiful, my darling, & to me seems very very good. I
can well believe that you were pleased with it - &
it is almost unbelievable to think that it is your first
attempt at relief carving. It has wonderful feeling & spirit,
& though it made me cry at first, it gives to me a
deep feeling & sensation of contentment. The child has
the attitude & look of Lisa, the angel gives me a
deep impression of care & tenderness & love - & she looks
capable & competent of looking after & caring for or
guiding the child to safety. It is wonderful work.

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