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& I am so pleased that you have done it. I always wanted
you to, as you know - & you wanted to do it, but could
not bring yourself to begin. I feel now that with this stone
which you have done with your own hands & heart - we have
now done all we can do for our darlings little body left forever
here on earth. And it gives such a perfect & sincere idea
of what we hope & pray exists. & that she has been guided
into safety & happiness & will be looked after there as well
& as lovingly as we keep her in our minds & heart.

I think it is perfect, my dearest & makes me understand
art & the feelings behind it, more than anything else has
done before. As you said in an earlier letter Lisa
would have been wonderful with Max - she would have
been thrilled to the very core of her little being - & would
also have been pricelessly bossy & methodical in looking
after him. And I suppose she would have been giving her own
dolls enormous feeds from her own little bas. The sweetheart-
what tremendous happiness it would be for everybody.

You said in your letter that Peter must make a big
difference to my life - he most certainly does & I hardly
know what I should have done without him. I spend
many evenings alone in my room, & although he sleeps,
the very presence of a live being has a great affect
& during the day, although he spends a great deal of time
roaming round barracks, he always seems to manage to
be on hand when I go out or set off on a tour of
barracks myself. He is a very friendly little chap, but never
leaves anyone in doubt that he belongs to me - he
has a very pleasant way of coming along, giving
me a nod, often just brushing his nose against
my knee or hand & then flopping down on the
floor & watching for my next move. And he

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