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has very definite dislikes. All people in uniform are
alright to him; all civilians are objects of suspicion
& every Arab makes him wild - I don't know why, but
he can spot them a mile away, barks his head off.
His elbows & knees & joints are one mass of bruises or scabs-
caused by going round corners too fast chasing cats -
& also by hurling himself headlong at Alsations & Mastiffs,
& bouncing back off them onto the hard ground. He
is no respecter of big dogs & will get into awful trouble
one of these days. Does this sound like my
writing about Simon? Oh & I have forgotten to tell
you one of the funniest things of the war. Peter spends
much of the day popping in & out of my office to
see if I am there. So on the day of the General
Court Martial, I gave [Choinatzki?] strict instructions
to keep Peter in hand. But in the afternoon he got
away - & as the door was opened to let out a
witness, my little friend rushed in, looked furiously
round for me, went up to the bench & carefully smelt
the legs of one Brigadier, four Majors, glanced round
at everybody else occupying his master's office, turned
round & gave the Court a long dirty & suspicious look,
& marched out. It must have been too funny & I wish I
had seen him coming naught for the [pomp?] & dignity of
a G.C.M.

I'm afraid this question of friends is a hopeless case. I was
thinking this evening that I would like to show the
photo of Lisa's gravestone to someone. And I found
that Beu is the only one to whom I would dream of
showing it - he is away on detachment for a

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