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level- + then another 2000 ft- up to Jerusalem - where
we called on the Jewish Agency + were received
by [?] We were then taken out to lunch
by Beilin to a place called Hesses which was of course
German, + very good too. It was here that Helen
because flirtatious with Beilin - but it was largely
Beilin's fault- the little twirp. It was just the nearest
approach to [?] that I have seen yet. As I as
sitting on her other side , I was pretty involved +
you can imagine just how much I disliked it-
+ also how much I showed it.
But it was a fine weekend- it was a big
mistake to take Helen + Ruth - but I can
only hope it has done some good.
And I think I shall have another 25 recruits
which is what I need during the next week
or two.
And here are the photos which I have told you
about my darling- + I hope you like them
Do not worry about me my darling I shall
be fit + will again in a day or so, as you
will know from my [?]
Much love a big kiss to dear Marie-
+ all my dearest love to you darling
XXXXX Barbara Harry

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