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Letter No. 41/ Monday 12 May 41/ Major J.H.Massey
6th Palestinian Com. The Buffs
Middle East Forces.
My sweet darling - Duce
again the heavens have opened & I am snowed
under with [?] work than I can possibly
do. It is [infuriating?]. I at last, obtained a
second in command last week - Tony Burnett,
of which I will tell you more in another
letter - & really thought that at last I was
going to have an easier time, & more time.
But it is not to be apparently, & here
I am again, writing one of these poor
things at 10-30 in the night, & so blasted
weary I can hardly keep my eyes open. It is
a shame really - & 112° in the shade
again today. One of the annoying and disa-
ppointing parts of it all is that from
day to day, I have lots of small things
to write about - things I saw, heard,
thought & hoped - but after a few
days I either forget about them or else
they do not seem important enough
to put in a letter.

The cause of all the trouble now is
that we have had to leave those
very pleasant billets we were in,
& return to the horrible barracks: &
after I had my own little self
contained life so nicely organised
too. The barracks are enormous,
just about as big as Owestry -
[page break]
& quite enough to hold 1000 men
& here I am with my Company.
in sole charge. The responsibility
is a bit much - but I have just
got it, & that is that. It also means
no more Field Allowance , at 3/-
a day, which is a pity. ever since
Friday, when this began, it has
been like a nightmare.

& I an thinking longingly of you
dreadful, this not knowing , & realising
that it may have happened, or if not
that it may be any day now - &
me not know at all. I hope
I shall have a cable from you
in a day or two, even if only to
say you are well & waiting
too. My latest word from you was
Apr 12th which is a long month
ago. I am pining to hear again.
God bless you darling sweetheart -
you are so brave & wonderful,
& I am thinking longingly of you
all the time. It is almost too
much to bear, not to be with

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