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at all of my interference with my 1/2 salary. As for next
year's commission - I hope I shall be there to earn
it myself.

I found out some information about these increased
allowances today, & I'm afraid it is not as good as
I hoped it would be. Your allowance as a Major's
wife - how does that sound? - is 7/6 not 9/6, but
it does not become operative until I become a
temporary Major, which is not until I have been
acting for 6 months. So that is that. And the
only increased allowance to me, is field allowance,
from 2/- to 3/6- & I am not eligible for
that just now, it does not help much. But I must
not be too greedy. The one thing which makes me
so, is for you to have all you want & need now -
& for us to have a really good start for our new
house when the war is finished.

I have some v. pretty flowers in my room today. One
is a dear little red one - I don't know what it is
called, but I sent you a sprig of it.

I shall go to bed now, sweetest, and think about you
& try to imagine you are with me, that we
are kissing very passionately, & very beautifully. You
are adorable & thrilling to kiss, my darling. Please
always want me to kiss you in the way we
always have done. Oh darling, we have had such
lovely, memorable times. I could never forget, from
when I first knew you. All my everlasting love, Harry

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