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No, our whole attitude & system will have to be
most thorough, very methodical & rather subtle.
The first two & the last are not easily found
together. The English did in fact make themselves quite
popular & well like during the occupation after the
last war. They found the German people starving &
gave them food from their own rations - & thought they
were not such bad people after all - & they settled
down & played a lot of games & behaved quite well,
& there were many marriages. The French, on the
other hand, behaved very badly & were very ill
disciplined - & so we also gained by comparison.

And I think that much the same thing will
happen again - we are said to be a forgiving
race. The German people will profess to be
overjoyed to be rid of Hitler, etc. & they are a servile
& obsequious lot when they have not the upper
hand. And so the Army will occpupy them again &
settle down - things will go along quite happily. The
Russians, on the the other side, will probably be very
different & so again we shall gain in German eyes.

We shall have to be full of iron & super realistic
& maybe some sensible instructions will be
given by the Government & Higher Command - but
I still cannot see the regular army officer being
any earthly use. If he can find some German
people of his own class who will invite him to a
pleasant house for a good dinner & good wine & who
will get him some riding & perhaps polo too -

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