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& who will tell him that he never approved of those low
class Nazis & had always liked England & when the war
came he just had to do his duty as a German officer,
that will be that - the men will follow suit in
their own way & fraternisation will set in on a
grand scale. And the officers will come home on
leave & some of them will have dinner with their
local Ms. P & tell them all this, that we must
not be too hard on Germany - they suffered enough
under Hitler, all that nonesense. And the whole
process will begin again & this may all sound very
petty & loathing, about such a vitally important matter,
but I firmly believe that such things have an
important affect on our policy, in any case, when
the old gang of Conservatives are in power - &
even when they are not, through the permanent

Incidently - talking of Conservatives - I also think that
we must have "Proportional Representation" in the
election of Parliament, as soon as possible. Do you know
about that? Under the present system, a member is
elected for an area, irrespective of the population
under the P.R. system, population is the controlling
factor. Any other system is [?] & grossly unfair -
for years, the Conservative party has had a majority
of votes in Parliament & a large amount of votes
in the country.

But, back to Germany - the Army will have to do
their policing & security work, but they must

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