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place & an important one too. The teaching of the
New Testament is so very right, it does provide
a moral code of life - I think that is very
necessary. But the "high ups" in the Church are mostly
such bloody fools - & they have completely missed their
opportunity of doing good - quite apart from an
increased fervour towards Christ. The A-B of Canterbury
is the worst of the whole bunch too. It is speeches
about Russia, since she became our ally, have been
criminal, & almost amount to 5th column. To put
it bluntly, the bloody old fool shared he told to
keep his muth shut - maybe he has been told so
by now. But I think the church are wishing - if
they have not already missed their opportunity- I
think it is a great pity.

But darling one - I must finish the letter & go
to bed - it is 1.0 o'clock. I hope to goodness this
is not all frightfully boring & that you will
not curse yourself for having talked about those
things in your letter & thus brought all this down
upon your head. But it does allow me to get a
few things off my chest, even if they are rather at
random. Adn I have nobody at all to talk to.

I shall probably go on in this strain from
time to time - unless you tell me to stop.
Since I began this, America has repealed

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