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reversal, and I hardly dare to ask if the post has arrived.
And then life is really rather dull, just now. There is
plenty of work to do, but it is not at all exciting and not
very interesting at the moment. There is so much war going
on in Egypt and the Balkans, and it seems somehow wrong, and
is rather unsettling, to be out of it all, and be just
in this place, as a kind of a glorified superintendent
of police. But I shall not do anything to bring
about a change, so don't start worrying about me yet,
my darling, that is one thing you have been spared, up
till now. It must be horrible for wives and mothers and people,
who know that their menfold are in the battles, and
know that casualties are takin place, and have no
opportunity of hearing news, for maybe weeks. And
for myslef, I am so determined and anzious to come home
to you, and this one fact is so far away more important
than any oter, that I shall never, in any way, do
anything which might stop that happening. No matter how
bored and flat I am, or how long it goes on for, or
however much I may feel that I want to be off
and up and doing. I think now, it is far beter to just
carry on and see what happens, and not to interfere
with fate or the future - unless opportunities appear in which
case, it is permissible to attempt to influence matters.

And then, the other thing which is not helping much
at the moment,is that bugs and flies and mosquitos here
started to bite. They are really horrible, and the last
few days, I have had a hell of a time. Some of
them are bugs. I'm certain, and they (as you know, from

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