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Spain) make one feel beastly. And then last night, ther
mosquitos started on me - zooming past my ears each
time I was just about off to sleep. I finally had to get
up and start a Moon Tiger - and managed to kill three of
them, and how the edifying experience of swatting them on
the wall, and seeing my own blood coming out of the
brutes. until I have a mosquito net, I shall now light
a Moon Tiger every night, when I go to bed. The nets
for all the men and everybody have now been ordered and
I am hoping they will arrive very soon.

I sent you a cable yesterday, confirming this address:
this may have been unnecessary, as I hope by now, letters
with this address will have arrived. But two of your
cables went to The Buffs themselves before coming
here, and the rest of the address had been cut out
so I thought I would make sure. Probably it
is just the fault of the arm P.O. again - it really
is exasperating that, when, eventually one does come
by a solid and seinsible addres, they should go and
spoil things by making futile and careless mistakes.
I suppose they whistle through the mail at tremendous
speed, and see Cheshire, or Dorcester, or Buffs, or whatever
it may be and just shove them off accordingly. But
surely they could see that it makes more work
for them, to send letters to wrong places.
Have you heard yet, of this new "Airgraph" method
of writing letters, which is planned to bring into use
for correspondence between the Middle East and the U.K.

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