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and vice versa? The idea is that, for example, I write a
letter to you on a specail form, and addressed to you, and then
sned it off to the Base P.O. There, my letter is photographed,
into a tiny negative, and this is sent by the All Air Route
to England - where a fascimile, about 5 x 4 inches, is
printed from it, and this is posed on to you. The
cost is 3d each one, and there is no limitation to the
number which can be sent. It sounds a good iea, and
really very cheap. I suppose the negatives are so small,
that a very large number can be sent by one plane
and all depends really whether the sheets will be large
enough to get much into - and if one write 2 or 3
conecutively, as one letter, if they will all arrive together,
and whether youwould be lieblet to get the last sheet
fist, and the first one much later, or not at all.
This new iead, and the Air Mail LEtter Cards are alright -
but I do think it seems to be much better if they
would just produce and ordinary, reliable Air Mail services.
It make me feel that the pwers that be are a little
out of touch with the real situation.

I told you in another letter that I was going to see
a film this week with Bette Davies and Charles Boyer - I went
last night - and found that the programme
changes on Saturdays! I was fuious and disappointed. I
have not been to the cinema sfor a month ,and I was
looking forward so much to some good acting, and
being made to feel beautifully miserable. It started
off with the news, and then a Popeye, and then next

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