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weeks fildm - and then Walter Connoly and some unheard of
people in "The Great Victor Sherbert". It was almost too
much. My next oportunity now to see a good film,
is "Rebecca" in two weeks time. Though, I believe
"[Derty] Rides Again" is somewhere about, so perhaps
I shall see that too.

The Officers Mess has been occupying my attention the last
few days. In barracks, where we were in the mess of
another Regiment - it was horrible, really and truly and very
expensive. During 6 weeks, I only once found the breakfast
bacon fit to eat. And then lunch and diner were nearly
always exactly the same, soup which never once varied,
fish which was a pure waste of money - slabs of
overcooked beef, covered in thick brown gravy, never
any other meat - the puddings were quite good, and
then savoury, which was 4 times out of 5, scrambled
egg on damp toast and a touch of Worcester sause.
During all this time, our officers ness cook was in
the kitchen, supposed to be gethering experience. And
now that we have started our own Mess, it is found
that this wretched man has been an apt pupil, and
we are just carrying on. And it was cosint quite
a bit, too. So I decided I could not bear it a
moment longer. Fortunately, there is a place where
I have to go for lunch every week or so, and where
the food is excellently cooked by a native of

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