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some kind and I heard this week that the cook has been
given a week's notice. So I had him come to see me
today and have taken him on at [L]5 a month. There is
no doubt we shall have some good food now - and I expct
that the economies he will make will go most of the
way towards paying his wages. It will make quite a
difference if there are some intersting meals to go up
to, instead of always knowing exactly what it is going to be.
But it is really amazing how useless, practically all men
are, when it comes to the practical side of food - and
they seem to almost take a pride in their ignorance.
All the officers were bored stiff with the food, and
[Moscovitz] - was the one whose job it is to look after
it - but he has no idea at all what to do to bring
about some improvement.

The enclosed newspapter cutting may amuse you a little,
darling. The amazing thing is that I cannot remember
whether I told you about this before, or not. I wrote my
ma again this week, and told her something about it, and
I have only written you a letter card since the 15th
when it happened - so perhaps I did not tell you. There
is not so very much to tell really. Except that I
never really expected to march in frount of a
recruiting parade, and behind a band = through two
miles of main street - a large town, and with thousands
of spectators, wildily cheering and clapping and throwing
flowers. And there was I - a lonely figure, strutting

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