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haughtily along in front. I kept thinking that I was almost
glad you were not here, because if I had met your
eyes, I should never have been able to keep a straight
face. There was one very ugly moment, when I turned a
corner into another street which went steeply down
hill. What with the gradient, and the glassy surface, and
my nails, I lost my feet entirely, and the next few paces
were a mad skedaddle, with arms flying - but, thank
God, I came back on my feet again. This steep
hill went on for 1/4 mile, and it was agony the whole
way. I decided [?], in my mind, that if I did fall
down, I should just stay there, like a tired old
dobbin. It would have been awful. It was a
marvellous feeling, returning to the flat again.
The lunch afterwards was quite amazing, and all the men
received three large glasses of rather heady Passover
wine, and the party broke up in frightfully good order.
I may have said that I am reported as saying
but I certainly do not remember it My men were
extrememly good, and marched their two miles, with fixed
bayonets in almost Guard like fashion - but the Engineers
and people, were pretty Fred Karno. I'm told we may
be doing some more of this - which suits me alright,
as it is a change, for me and the men.
When I was at the P.R.T.D. a fortnight ago,
I met a new young 2/L/- from the Cheshires,
who has just arrived out here. And he had come

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