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because, apart from the pay, it means living in the
Sgts Mess, instead of in a barrack room, & queuing
up for meal in the men's dining hall. He was also
at the last two concerts, & we had a long talk
about them each, the next morning. He really is
a charming & interesting young man - not at all a
typical sergeant, but his work is excellent.

I have just been out for some food. I did not
feel sufficiently sociable to go up to the Mess tonight. So
I got hold of Headley, & we went to a place quite
nearby, which has very good food. And then he came
back to my room for a beer & a chat - & I have
just had a hot bath, & so now it is 11-30 - &
that is how the day passes. I have a hot bath every
day, before diner, or before going to bed, & I have a cold
bath every day before breakfast. I wash very thoroughly, &
my consumption of soap is enormous, & I never miss my navel,
& every time I do not miss it, I think of you, & wish like
hell it was you giving it a scrape for me. My health
is really very good, & there is no need to worry
about that, darling. And about myself in general - well,
I really seem to be much the same. My hair & my
teeth look good for years! & there is no change
in my figure. My giving up of whiskey still holds
good, & I have had about two, since I stopped it
5/6 weeks ago. I now, really, drink nothing except
2 or 3 & sometimes 4 or 5 beers a day & an
occasional gin, French, before dinner. So, that is

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