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There seems to be a hoodoo on my nights, I finished this
letter & went to bed at midnight. It is now 3-20 & woke
up to find myself being consumed by bed bugs. Blast them.
Then I had no matches- & stumbled about the mess & kitchen
& could not find any there. & had to go & see the N.C.O in
the guard-room - then I hhad to go through all the business of
lighting a high pressure. And I have searched my bed &
pyjamas & found us bugs. So I have rubbed myself all over
with lemon spirit, & am having a whiskey & soda & a cigarette
& telling you about it. I have this bug business & don't know
why it should happen, because only today my blankets & sheets
& bed were aired from morning till evening & 100% flitted.
Maybe it is a flea from Toby. He is wagging his tail

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