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Letter No. 68

Wednesday - Aug 20th

Major J.H. Massey
6 Palestinian Coy, The Buff

My sweetest lovely darling,

Your 47th letter, send on June 27th arrived on
Monday, Aug 18th - so that is a little bit quicker than they
have been coming for some time. It is a marvellous letter,
my sweet; I am absolutely delighted with it. It is so full
of informaiton about you & about Max & about the house
& what you are doing. It is so lovely to have you writing
like this again, when for so long you were full of
fears about the baby & no confidence in the future.

Please do not think for a single second, my darling, that
this comparison of your lettters is anything in the nature
of a complaint. You must know that I always want to
hear exactly from youL: what you are doing & thinking -
if you are sad or miserable or unhappy or frightened
or discontented - or well & happy - it is all the
same, it is from you & I want to know everything.
- why I am so pleased with your new letters is because
you are now rid of all those fears & apprehensions,
& this must make such a tremendous difference to you
& to your whole outlook on life. All your letters
have been wonderful, with the one exception when
you gave me a six page raspberry for being
extravagant & thoughtless - & to which I'm afraid I rather
answered back. But that was a misunderstanding
& will never happen again.

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