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Army people & members of the ruling class out here.
At home you know, I did not meet them so much -
& such people as I met who had money, worked for
it, & my muddled thinking of those days allowed such
people to make money at the expense of the workers.
But these people I meet out here are so indescribably
snobbish, & self satisfied & cynical, & so inefficient &
lazy & unrealistic. They look upon the workers, the soldiers
+ N.COs. as so much cattle - on the Jews & Arabs as
inferior people - & they dislike Australians, New Zealanders,
Canadians, Czhecks, Poles, Free French - & even Americans.
In fact, they only consider themselves - the ruling classes -
the Regular Army. the civil service, London [illegible],
& the countries: This may sound pretty good [illegible]
[illegible], but by God, it's true. And nobody can say
that I am embittered - except in so far as I hate
their skins & souls for having allowed this war to
happen, & cause me to come out here, away from you.

But meeting them & coming in contact with them, has
convinced me that they must go - or else completely
change their minds & ways of life. It is utterly [illegible]
to have such people ruling our country, - coming to
all the parts of the Empire & carrying on in the same

What annoys me so much about many articles which I
read in magazines & papers, & about post-war [reconstruction?],
is that they all presume a return to the old system
of capitalism & profit making & competition - & they
ponder to some extent to better wages & working

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