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a little excited + my right hand would leave your
left shoulder + go down inside your dress + hold +
stroke your left breast instead. And your breasts
are so smooth + lovely + dear to me, + I would
feel more excited (as I do now) + come round
+ sit in your chair + kiss you very passionately + my
hand would hold your legs + their silkiness + their
bareness + go down inside your stocking + rub
your knee. And then, oh my darling sweetest Barbara,
the fire would be warming both our bodies + we
would hold each other very tight, so that we could
touch each other all the length of our bodies what
glorious happiness we have had darling- + how even
more glorious our future happiness will be
I want you so much my own beloved darling to
talk to you + you to talk to me + to love
you + kiss you + hold you + look at you
+ be with you + help you + do things for
you + make you happy + interested + make
you laugh + make you love me + be
sure that you are happy + content + looking
forward. And to be with you + Marie too.
How much we have to gain- I would
give + do anything to come home to you.
I love you with all my heart + soul
+ you are perfect, my darling own Barbara.
XX to Marie Always, your Harry------- XXXXXX

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