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all you could want + that you will be able to stay
happily there until I come back
And I am so glad too that his beauty + all about him
have killed your disappointment + that it was not a girl
it was bound to do of course because being your
child he must be lovely- but it was good to hear
you say so yourself you can imagine how I long to
see him + pick him up + do things for him like
I used to do for Lisa + how I long to be with
you + to hold you right + thank God that you
are safe + well You are very wonderful my
darling Very few people if anybody else at all could
have suffered what you have in the last two
years + through the last nine months + still
be as you are a brave + wonderful + beautiful
woman There must be a reward for scuh bravery
+ character + I hope to be the one who can
bestow - that reward + make you happy + content
+ give you all you want + need in all the
years to come
I began this late + must stop soon + write
an Airgraph to tell you I have had these [?]
how happy I am + about his names I will
cable about this tomorrow too
I am really not here at all today darling I feel so
relieved + happy it is four weeks less one day
since I had Joan's cable + I have been expecting
more news every day since then Each time the

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