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post came + brought nothing for me it has been
such a blow And every day I have hung around
waiting for the post The last few days my digestion
went completely west but now today my [?] is
miraculously in order again And this has really been
going on since May 8th so I have suffered
too + you have been sweet enough to realise that
+ sympathise in youe letters + p.c.s.
Goodnight my darling own Barbara + God bless
+ always keep you Dearest love to you + to
Max + kisses to you both----------XXXX Harry

Wednesday July 2nd I had a letter from my ma today posted
on March 15th, but by sea mail. It was a very sweet letter,
but rather trailed on all that business about you
a strong healthy gitl etc & that she had written & told you
so. I suppose they will be delighted to have a grandson,
but I haven't heard from them yet. I rather expected
a cable. I'm afraid she had only had one letter from
me at that stage - but she will have had more
now & airgraphs too. She said how proud they were
at me being a Captain. I should think they will
have swelled to bursting point on heairing of my
Majority. I expect Dorothy Carson will be a bit acid
about it.
It was very kind of Aunt Sarah & Hilda to send £5 &
£10. Every little helps our war effort to have a good
start when it is all over. I will write Aunt Sarah
a nice affectionate Airgraph. And it was very good

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