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of you to send off those pcs to Jessie + Norths + Peter's
wife they will have been delighted to hear from you
I'm afraid that Frank Macaskie is dead killed in
action in Crete Its a tragedy isn't it? I'm afraid
it must be Kane Among the various things of which
I am in charge here is the Detention Barracks + I
heard yesterday that there were 3 soldiers from the
Leicesters there So I sent word to the Police N.C.O. to
ask them if they knew anything about Frank + they
told him this He asked them them were they sane because
it was the Major who was enquiring to a great friend
of his - + they said there was no doubt they knew
him well + had all liked him + thought what a
fine chap he was I feel a tremendous loss here
my darling I think I must have conveyed to you
in my letters how very fond of him I was + quite
apart from perhaps meeting him for leave out here I
was looking forward to having him as one of our
very best friends after the war at home There is
no doubt at all that you would have liked him
tremendously + that the three of us + I expect
his poor unhappy girl friend too would have had
very much in common On thinking of Frank the
last few weeks + though I only knew him for 3 1/2
months I feel certain that I liked him more than
any man Ihave ever known including Vernon
+ Frank + Gordon + all of them He was very

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