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extremely kind + ask me to go there whenever I
want to I went + had a cup of tea with Mrs
Nina yesterday + played with the baby; she is a
very sweet child + I get on very well with her I
like to do this now that I know all is well darling
Do you know the last time I went out in the
evening was for the last concert which was on
June 12th 3 weeks ago One has to wear drill jacket
+ so on when out in the town after 6.0 - + that
is the last time I wore a jacket Normally for
dinner + staying in we wear shirts sleeves + long
trousers - same as in those photos I sent you I have
started another film in my borrowed camera now
+ will have some taken in shorts + putters + so on
I do not wear my topee at all. I hate the things
+ my skull is quite sufficient protection in these
parts. There is an order to wear them but it is not
enforced & seems so silly with these Jews who
have been used to wearing no hat at all for
year & years.
By the way, my officers & CSM & several other people
were very pleased to learn the good news that you &
the baby are doing well & send their best regards
to you, which won't mean very much to you!
Goodbye darling sweetest sweetaheart. I am still
thrilling with happines that you are well & that
you love me. I love you so very much. Always
your Harry.

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