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Letter No. 33 18 Apr 41 Major J.H.Massey,
6th Palestinian Company,
The Buffs.
Middle East Forces.

My own sweet darling -
I feel so unhappy and miserable again, having
no letters from you, and I hardly know how to
write. And on one of these cards too. I
have just discovered that these things are
supposed to get home quicker than the normal
air mail, so I hope it is true - and I wish
you could do this too. Why can't they realise
that it helps the morale of the troops to
receive letters as well as to be able to
send them. But i must try and stop this
incessart grumbling, when I write to you.
It is difficult though, darlying - and I'm afraid
I am a very unhappy major. I am missing
you so terribly badly at the moment , and I
am frantically anxious to know how you
are, and how your are feeling, and what you are
doing. If you are having the baby after
eight months, and I do you are, it will
be in 10 days time now. Oh, I think
about you so much and so constantly and it
is so difficult to write, swwetheart. I just
want to send you cables all the time,
but, apart from them being so expensive,
I always remember that when I do not
write now, it means that you are going
to have no letters from me in 5/6
weeks' times. But, if I do not hear
from you soon, I will send another
one in a day or two's time.
I so much wanted to have word from
you that you are now reassured about
the money question - I was so sick that
you were so worried about it, at the the
time. My cable that what I had had
would last until June, will just
about work out alright, providing nothing
special happens - so I think that is
being quite good. Don't you, darling? And
I have no bills outstanding here at
Sweetest darling - I do hope that if ther
baby has arrived, you are well and
strong, and happy. And that if it is still
to come, that you are the same, and
that you will not be hurt too much.
Oh sweetheart, what have we done,
that I should be away from you
now? If only I could be with you,
I do so long to be. It is heartbreaking,
and it make me cry, to think of not
being there. Not that i could do any
thinkg of real value to help. But
just to be with you, and hold you and
kiss you. but you must know how
much I want to be, and how much
I love you. And how much I always

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