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Letter No 83 - Thursday 20th Nov.

Major J.H. Massey
5th Palestinian Coy, The Buffs

My own darling sweetheart

Having sent off an Airgraph on Monday morning to
tell you that your no 59 & photo were missing, they arrived
during the morning - & so I sent off another A.G. straight
away. You started your letter by saying how much you miss me
& that you had had a cry in a field thinking about me.

Oh darling - I miss you beyond bearing too - & how I long to be
with you to comfort you, love you & make you happy &
enjoy all the love & sweet faithfulness which you lavish on me.
I am longing for the opportunity to tell you myself, what
I can never hope to convey to you in my letters, how
much I love & adore & worship & admire you & how much
my whole life & being depends on you & centres round you.

Oh God, but I hope it will be soon - being away from you
is a constant torment. I wish I could cry too - but I
seem to have lost that faculty since my first few weeks
away from you. I think that it was when your letters first
began to arrive that I became stronger, & had
no more cries. Its not important really, but I
sometimes wonder who is worse off - you or me.

Presuming that we both start from being equally
miserable & unhappy - which of us has the greater
amount of compensation & distraction? I have
any amount of distraction in my work - & you have
much compensation in Maxie. And you have
very little distraction & I have practically no
compensation. So there we are - still very
unhappy & missing each other - & apparently no
nearer to any solution. But now things are

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