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moving at last since you wrote your letter. And the
news burst today of our new push into Lybia. I made
the remark in my last letter to you that things would
happen soon & last Thursday I made a [?]
prophecy that the Lybian push would begin by
Monday night. It began at 4-0 am on Tuesday &
so I was not far out. We shall see what will
happen during the next few days & weeks, but I
feel sure that this is the real thing & that
we should not have begun unless we were certain
that we could go right ahead & finish in this
part of the world. And there may be all
kinds of developments from this - in regard to
France in particular. She may come up against
us & if she does not it may mean that Vichy
is resisting Hitler at last - & if she does, it
may show a weakness in the Nazis position in
France & if this is slower France may get
up again - & if France does that, we may
go in too. And if this happens, what else may
happen, in Holland, Norway, etc. & maybe in
Italy & even in Germany itself. It is all very
interesting & I think perhaps Churchill knows
the answer. And it does make matters more
hopeful, darling when nothing is happening, I
feel quite dead - but now I am all alive
again & watching every move. I think that

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