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& gorgeous darling. You said in your letter you thought
it was not bad, considering. It is lovely darling
& as I have said before, you are so soft &
smooth & silky too - you will always be lovely
& perfect & desirable. But it is not only shape
& feel intense - you are so much more my
darling. I cannot write it - I have not
words. I must wait now. I can see you
& explain. But always, I will love you
with all my mind & heart & body & always
I will want, passionataely, to make you
happy & content & interested - always I
will want & need your love & always
I will desire you & feel my body loving
yours. And, as now, & always when my body
feels for yours , my hearts & my mind are in it
too - what wonderful passion we have
darling mine. I could never forget you,
even if I stayed here for ever. And how
I long for you. Darling, darling Barbara.

To bed now - sweetest heart XXXXXX H.

Friday Nov. 21st I have been studying a little, the bank
sheet which you sent along with your letter. It is a little
difficult to follow as you have more or less sent

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