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me every other one. And it is not easy to follow the
income, tax position because I do not really know what
we have to pay for when & how much has already been
deducted. But ignoring these things, our position is really
very good. Quite apart from our £300 in Defence Bonds
& B.C. & on stock - we are £220 better off now than we
were 11 months ago. Then we had an overdraft of £115 &
now (30 Aug) we have £65 in credit & another £40 paid
into insurance. And you have paid £50 for having
Maxie & a lot of other bills too. I think it is very
good. There is one item I do not understand - at the
end of the last sheet - dated 30 Aug, there is my
Pay £11-12-6 which is your allowance - & then "Do,
Lloyds, Bonnemouth" £25-15-10 which sum does not
suggest anything to me at all. I do hope that you
examine the slips when they arrive because they can
make mistakes & I always wonder too, if I was
credited with all the differences between Lieut's & Capt's
& Major's pay. I have just totalled up the
amount we have had from the B.C.& W. since I
left in Nov. 39 & it is £1,000 in salary, bonus
& commission. It is quite a sum, isn't it? I suppose
we must feel thankful for it - even though I do feel
that I have earned it & would be making even
more if I were still there. And thank goodness they
decided to pay half salary, rather than make up
acting pay to the original salary. It would have
been galling, after being underpaid for so many
years, to get up to Major's pay in the Army

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