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how deep and passionate & ever lasting it is.
I have a tremendous, really tremendous,
feeling of pride & consuming satisfaction
when I realise that someone as
nice & wondeful lovely as you are
loves me. And I do hope that you
feel something like that too.
All my heart & mind is with you these
days, darling. God bless & keep you.
I'm having to work excessively hard
at the moment, for which I'm thankfull.
I finished at 10:30 tonight. But I did
manage to slip away for 1 1/2 hours late
this afternoon, & have a gorgeous bath
at a sandy beach near here. My
first bath this year, & my first time
in the Mediterranean since St
Maxime, with you in your yellow
costume, & our room in "Les
Palmiers" just near _ & "War &
Peace" a few yards away on the sand.
You haven't mentionned that holiday,
but don't you often think of it?
I will write a letter or another
of those or an Aerograph, or all
three - very soon. All my love for
always - & bless the baby. xxx Harry

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