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has happened now, and cannot be undone. But I am sure
you would have been happier and more contented if you
had not been so worried about this. And then my letters
seem to have struck a bad parch at the very worst
possible moment - and I suppose you may have thought again
that I was so busy spending money, I had ;no time
to write to you. Poor, sweet, darling - I had a forboding
about misunderstanding. I pray there will be no
It hurts me terribly that you have had
such a rotten, dull, worrying time during the pregnancy,
and that you have been so nervous about the result of
the baby, and the birth. I am pining for news - it
musts come any day now. I am convinced that all
is going to be well - there is no good reason why
is should not be. Lisa was perfect and her death was
a tragic accident. And the tragedy of the boy was
purely bad doctoring - and nothing will ever convince me
that he was not a perfectly normal child.
Oh sweetheart, I hope that before my next letter,
or even before I have finished this one, I shall
have had the good news from you, and the all your
sufferings of the last few months can be put behind
you- and we can then enjoy the present, and look
forward to he future and what we are going to
do and where and how.
And if only you had found a pleasant place to stay,
and had, consistently pleasant people to be with. Instead
of that, it has been just the opposite, and most of
the folks have been a positive menace to your
peace of mind. I wish you could have been
with Vera and Martin all the time. Vera is so

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