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kind and amusing - and Martin admires you so much.
Do you remember the first weekend we spent with them?
You had on a black silk evening dress, and sat on
the sofa, in the dark, and in front of the fire - and
it was the first time I felt the softness of
your sweet, adorable legs. Oh my beloved sweetheart,
what thrills and lovely times we have had. I think so
often and so much of all the times and all the places
where we have made love, and I rack my brains to
remember all the details. I am so sure of this that
there is no man in all the world who has so
much lovely happiness to remember - and so much more
to look forward to, when all this ghastly business is
It was marvellous to hear you say, in one letter, how you
would dog my footsteps when I come home and would
never leave me. I said exactly the same things to
you in one of my letters - and I do think it is lovely,
how, so often, it is obvious that we are thinking
so much alike, and proving it to each other by our
letters, from so many miles away. But, if you can
put up with me, I plan that we should be
inseparable once we are together again. We shall
be able to get so tremendously much out of life
together. I hope we shall have some pleasant and
interesting people to know - but I feel now that
if we can only have each other, and the baby, and maybe
another baby - everything and everybody else is very
incidental and unimportant.

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