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even to start a letter, so that you should have a
constant supply. But the airmail ones must surely have
started again, soon after you wrote that, and the sea ones
will arrive much later. I hope there was nothing too
important in those - I cannot remember now.
I was delighted that you were so pleased about my
majority, and it was lovely to hear you say you were
very proud of me, thought me clever. I must say
that the more I think of it, the more certain I
am that it would not have been if I had not
made up my mind I was going to get there, and just
piled in with all I have. And there is such a
tremendous difference between captain major - financial
responsibility, position and everything else. I cannot
think what I should do if I had to be second in
command to one of thse majors; I feel vastly
superior to them anyway. As for you not looking
like a major's wife - well, darling, if you don't
I'm glad of it, thats all I can say. And I
don't see why I should not look like a major,
just because you think I have a chub face!
What would you say if I became a Lieutenant Colonel and
you because the Colonel's's wife? But I do not think you
need worry too much about that at the moment.
I saw a confidential report on myself from the Area
Commander the other day. This is a routine affair. Twice
a year, the officer reported on, has to see & initial
his report, whether it be good, adverse or what.
Mine was reasonably complimentary, and said that I was
hardworking and consciensious - that I had considerable.

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