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last one, which thrilled and excited me. The conductor was
very ordinary, and it was v. hot, and they seemed v. flat. Beetoven's
Symphony, 'the Pastorole' came first, and was terribly dull,
I thought. then a concertino ro4 wolo trumpet and
orchestra, by the first violin of the orchestra, which
was quite good, but there was too much fancy stuff
from the drums, and cymbals, and triangle and so forth. Then -
dull. And finally ‘Euryanthe’ Overture, by somebody callied
Carl Maria Von Weber - which was rather pleasant.
It was a pity, because I had been looking forward to this.
Peter gave me a tremendous welcome when I returned
to my room, and scampered about and whimpered with
pleasure, and wagged his stumpy tail. He is becoming a
grand little companion, and is now very fond of me and alwasy
pleased to see me. It really does make such a
difference having a dog to welcome me, and for me
to be fond of. He knows very well that I am his
boss and master - [Choinatzki] gives him most of his
meal, and sees far more of him that I do - but he
will always leave him and come to me. and he
treats [Choinatzki] quite differently too - he is Peter's
batman as well as mine - and just leads him a
dance, and plasy s jokes on him. Whereas with me, he
is always a bit careful. He is growing amazingly
rapidly, and getting very strong too.. I really must have
his photograch done - together with my crowns.
I really must go to bed now - it's 1-30. Why am
I so slow? I just think about you so much -

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