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best of it all. And i must tell your more about this
bloody barracks in my next letter, and how we moved back
into it.
I saw in General Orders the other day that Eric James is
now a Captain, and on some sort of Staff somewhere.
Poor man, he has had to wait rather a long time for
it and I am pleased he has got it now. He must have
gone a bit queer if he saw that I gone up two,
and he was stuck where he was. But then he is
a pretty good stick in the mud. I also saw that
Capt [......] Perrett had been promoted Major. Did you
ever meet Jock? I think you may have done at
the 4 ways. He was a great 'chum' of mine at
my prep school. He is a very nice fellow indeed , and
I hope I may meet him sometime. I have
heard nothing of [Maurice Gaudy] - I should simply
love to have a good old gossip with him again.
and now I must fly.
All my love to you, my darling sweetheart - and
many long, loving kisses - look after yourself
my dearest and varful of yourself and the baby.
always your own Harry
This is my stamp!
Commanding No. 6 Palestinian Coy. The

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