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has just started now - and in N.
Africa again too. And I cannot
imagine whether this is going to
shorten or lengthen the war. I
suppose it is as well that things
have started to pop again - & there
is now some chance that, at [least?]
the end will being to come
into view. But oh, my darling,
the pain of being away from
you, for all this time, and at
this time, is so depressing and
miserable that I cannot even
cry or even feel very much.
I just blindly and painfully ache
for you - and to be with you again
and speak to you, and feel your touch.
I badly need some good news
from you - and from the war.
Look after yourself, my sweetheart
and never forget will you how
much I love you. All my
deepest love to you and to
baby - always your Harry

Mrs H. Massey
c/o Mrs Nash
East Lodge
Winkfield Manor
Near Ascot

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