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Letter No. 39 / 3 May 41. Major J.H.Massey
6 Palestinian Coy,
The Buffs.
Middle East Forces.

Darling one - I'm sorry
to writ you another of
these things, but I have become frantically
busy again. It is now 11-45pm and I have
only just thi minute arrived in. But I
am so anxious to do my part at least, to
pravide a steady flow of lettere for you, and
I can only hope that the mails will not
let you down too much. I feel so furious
that the last few weeks, you seem to
have had practically no letters from me
at all. I always intended and hoped that
at least for th elast few weeks before
the baby, you would be having plenty
of letters from me.
Tomorrow, I have to go down to the P.T.R.B.
to see Col. Leicester, and in the evening I
am going to see Men-Arzi, who is on
weekend leave, and his wife, and family.
It makes me pretty jealous, the way there
Jewish officers can just nip home and spend
the weekend with their wives. Ben-Arzi is
very good about it, and is very consciouncious
and hsould go more than he does. But
Morowitz seems to think he should be off
every week, and I ahve had to squast him
several times. And then I feel rather
sory, when i remember how I would
to do everything I could to see you and
be away.
I haven't had any letters of p.c.s or cables
at all this last week, which is a big
disappoinment, and has made it a very
unhappy week. I have done nothing and
been nowhere this week. Except yesterday,
my friendly Hospital Ship was in again
and I was invited to a lunch part. It
was very pleasatn to happy and the C.O, and
his officers are very nice people. he was
a Harley St specialist, and was M.O. to a
London T.A. Bn, and knew Frank Scott
quite well. His name is Lloyn Williams,
in case you ever see or write to
Frank for any reason.
Summer is really arriving now, and the
last few days have een darned hot. Apart
from mosquitoes, which are not too bad
in this part, sanflys are the real
trouble and pest. I have been bitten all
over th eplace, which is merely horribly
aggravating. But I am told, sandfly
fever is quite a common affair, and
though it is not dangerous and does not
last very long, is said to be most
unpleasant. I now have a net which
affords 100% protection when in bed, and
I can sleep in peace. It is an

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