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enormous affair, hanging 7 feet down
from the ceiling, and being tucked in all
round the bed. Peter was quite
mystified by it, and rather annoed when
he coul dnot climb up on my bed.
I was afraid he was gonig to put
his feet and claws through it, and spoil
it completely. He is now resigned and
just looks at me balefully when i
climg into bed.
this short, horrid letter is not very
affectionate,my darling, but i am feeling
very full of affectona nd love and tenderness and
longing for you. Every day, I remember
some new things about you, and every
day, these make me long for you the more,
and make me realise and remember
how much I love and how very much
I miss you.The Iraq business began
today. The more that begins, the
better, I feel. This static war does
not [ seem] to bring us any
nearer to each other. All my dearest
love to you, my sweet darling - and kisses
to you and the baby if it is herenow.
Always, Harry XXXX

Mrs. H. Massey
c/o. Mrs Paul
Candlemas Lane,
Beaconsfield. Bucks

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