Letter from Harry Massey to Barbara Massey


Letter written by Harry Massey from the No. 6 Palestine company at the Bluffs to Barbara Massey.

This is a scanned version of the original image in Special Collections and Archives at Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vt.


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Letter No.55. Saturday. 28 June

Major.J.H Massey 6 Palestinian Coy, The Buffs Middle East Force

My own darling Barbara -

Your letters are now arriving beautifully & your no. 49 of May 5th came this week. You were worried about me getting into battle darling & being inexperienced & maybe losing my temper. Please don't worry, sweetheart. we are not exactly fighting troops, unless it is a case of parachute or air borne enemy troops - & in any case I am quite certain I should be perfectly calm & able to deal with the situation. And never shall I forget my darling, what i have told you before, that more than anything in the world, I want to remain alive & return to you. And I know I shall & so you must not even consider any alternative. The thrilling happiness to which I am looking forward, is almost too much to look forward to. I wish I could have another cable from you - it is 3 weeks now since I had the first one from Joan & I really should have heard by now. The brutes in the P.O. have

certainly sent it to the wrong place again. I refuse to worry because I know them to be such fools. I called you a few days ago to send me more news. These [E. Fer?] cables are now different - do you know of the new idea? Instead of being able to send what you want at the special rate, they have now instituted a system of set phrases which are numbered - you pick your numbers, & can send any of these for the sum of 2/6. That was what I sent this week - it seems they are to be quite fast. but I hope you do not wonder what has happened to me - the words must sound so unusual.

Darling, please send me by p.e. your measurements. I can buy very pretty stuff here, very cheaply, & I can have some ideas, of shorts & blouses, & even dresses & have them made up by our Coy Indian tailor, who is very good & cheap. And if you have any things which

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you want in particular; you tell me, & I can certainly have them made - beautifully, so far as workmanship is concerned, & faithfully carrying out an idea.

I wrote my ma an A.G. when I heard about the baby, but I have not written again. I expected to have a cable from her. It is odd that Patricia - & Frost - should be the only ones from whom I should hear. It is a month, today, my darling, & I think & think of you becoming stronger & stronger better & happier. You must surely be in Noss Mayo, & the boy will be quite a person by now. oh darling one - the thought of you with a baby again is lovely & I yearn to be with you. I do hope you have now become reconciled to it being a boy & that you love him. Of course you will, & he must be very fine. Do give him a kiss from me - to you my darling over all the love & all the kisses

[image: front of envelope, stamped & postmarked]

By Air Mail Air Mail Letter Card ____ If anything is enclosed this card will be sent by ordinary mail


Mrs H. Massey Carseland Pillory Hill Noss Mayo Plymouth Gt Britain

When folded the Letter card must conform in sizes and shape with the blue border within which the address only may be written

J. Massey

[stamp] Passed by Censor No. 2484

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