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you want in particular; you tell
me, & I can certainly have them
made - beautifully, so far as workmanship
is concerned, & faithfully
carrying out an idea.

I wrote my ma an A.G. when I
heard about the baby, but I have
not written again. I expected to
have a cable from her. It is odd
that Patricia - & Frost - should be
the only ones from whom I should
hear. It is a month, today, my
darling, & I think & think of you
becoming stronger & stronger
better & happier. You must surely
be in Noss Mayo, & the boy
will be quite a person by now.
oh darling one - the thought of
you with a baby again is lovely
& I yearn to be with you. I do
hope you have now become
reconciled to it being a boy &
that you love him. Of course
you will, & he must be very
fine. Do give him a kiss from
me - to you my darling over
all the love & all the kisses

[image: front of envelope, stamped & postmarked]

By Air Mail
Air Mail
Letter Card
If anything is enclosed this card
will be sent by ordinary mail


Mrs H. Massey
Pillory Hill
Noss Mayo
Gt Britain

When folded the Letter card must conform in sizes and shape
with the blue border within which the address only may be written

J. Massey

Passed by Censor
No. 2484

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