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The number of vacancies is so small. And being
a C.O. & a major, they may say I cannot be spared,
& that my experience with the Coy cannot be
replaced. So I am trying not to hope too
much & you must do the same darling. But, at the
same time, you must do all you can & think of
all you can, to help.

And sweetest heart - & this is very important indeed,
You must not worry about this & so add to your
cares - & you must make up your mind that if I
should get a flat refusal, you will not take it
hard & so make matters worse. I shall do all I
can & try to think of everything & even if I fail
this time, I shall try again & again. So that
instead of only having a very dim & distant end
of the war to which to look forward - you can
think of me always trying to get home to
you. Oh darling dearest Barbara - I am dying &
longing & pining to see you - to see Maxie -
I am thinking of nothing else at all. I am
crazy for you. Only to hold you in my arms, &
feel your body & your heart beating against mine
& to kiss your lips & your eyes, look at you,
& tell you myself how much I love & adore
& cherish you, & really tell you how much I have
missed you & thought of you: felt for you.

Is it really possible darling - after all our misfortunes -
that now the wheel has really

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