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turned in our favour, & we can be so fortunate.
I feel honestly & truly, that nobody is more
deserving than you - & me too. And perhaps justice
& fortune & luck will all work for us at the same time,
& it may really happen.

But I must tell you some of my news - I shall
not finish this tonight & if there is anything to add
about the all important matter, I will add it tomorrow.

About Frank - you will be wondering what next. First of
all I write & tell you he is dead - & then that he is
wounded & a P.O.W. Well, I knew that the first
was not true. But you could definitely havea knocked me
over with a feather & fanned my brow, when word came
to me last Saturday that "2/Lt Macaskie" wanted to
speak to me on the phone. I sprinted, & it really
was Frank, from Jerusalem. He had been wounded,
a bullet in the buttock, straight through, & out at
the other side - taken prisoner by the Germans, &
well looked after & doctored by them - then put in
a prispner of war camp. He decided very early on that
this was no place for him & after many varied & exciting
adventures, about which I may not tell you, he arrived
in Palestine. Poor Frank - he has lost all his kit,
every stitch & piece - all his photographs - & all his
letters. I know exactly how he feels. And now, having
been posted as dead, even in the English papers,
he has to start all over again, getting his address
straight, & waiting months until he is answering
letters which are in reply to his letters. Though

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Quite a lot about "2nd/Lt Frank Macaskie (British) who was well known after WW11.